Solitude is a word and a state of being which I cherish and love and which I need intensely. It wasn’t until August last year that I began to realise this. It started with a post on Danielle Gaudette’s blog “Healing Tree”. The title of the post was Brilliant solitude. And it made me think … More Solitude


Truth, A word I am not able to grasp or to understand. In my opinion there are two ways to explain the truth. The first is the absolute truth, a truth which is provable by science or mathematics. A truth with proof that is undeniable, empirical. These truths are very hard to understand, or comprehend. … More Truth

Marvellous mind

Maybe this overflowed en over stimulated mind of me is the cause of it all. I know my brain is wired differently, the question is where the mind is located. If my mind is part of my brain, then it’s also wired differently. If my mind is a part of my being (my personality, my … More Marvellous mind


In my last post I have been writing about being known. When I read my post afterwards, I realized that I only wrote about the fact that I wanted to be known, not why. The post was mostly about the reason why I started my blog. I have been thinking why it’s so important to … More Acknowledgement

To be known

As long as I remember I like to take of my shoes. Walk around on socks, or better, barefoot. I love feeling the ground beneath my feet. I don’t care if it is grass, sand, rocks or mud. Preferably in water. Eight years ago I started taking pictures of my feet in different locations. It’s … More To be known